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A valve that permits flow of fluid when the gate is lifted from the seat is known as gate valve. This valve consists of flat finish element that slides into the flow stream to stop the fluid. The Wedge shape Gate Valves are made from premium quality material biz :bronze, iron, stainless steel and cast steel.

The manufactured range of Gate Valves is mainly designed for on-off services are highly used in systems where the requirement of the valves is less. These Gate Valves are connected in pipelines as an isolating valve and cannot be used to regulate the flow. They function either Clockwise to close or clockwise to open revolving motion of the stem. The leakage of the fluid is nil as the valve is closed completely. The offered Industrial Gate Valves are appropriate for varied applications i.e oil and gas industry, power plant, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automotive, marine industry and other off shore applications.


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