Y Strainer Valves India

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Y Strainer Valves Manufacturer and Supplier

We are betrothed as a profile manufacturer and supplier of Y Strainer Valves. Our Y strainer Valves are appropriate for water, oil & gas application. But these can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions. Manufactured from stainless steel material, our strainer valves helps in clearance of the medium in a better manner, prolongs the life of valves, protect expensive pumps, instruments and other equipments.

The Y Strainer Valves offered by us are highly suitable for installation in either in horizontal or vertical position. In either of the case, the screening element should be kept the “down side” of the strainer body so that the suspended particles can be properly collected. Normally the body of Y Strainer Valves is made of cast iron or cast steel available in various grades with flanged and socket weld type end connection.

Features of Y Strainer Valve

  • The valve has compact design with low weight
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Easy cleaning or replacing the element.
  • Available in customized range as per international standards