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UNIMAC Strainer are available in Angle & 'Y' type , and are available in Cast Iron ,Cast Steel , MS Fabricated , Flange type, provided with filter element. Filter element is made from Brass/ Bronze/ Stainless Steel having standard 40 mesh and supported with perforated sheet. Sizes available from 15 mm to 500 mm and strainers are tested at required pressure at our works prior to despatch.

Strainers are being used in Airconditioning system, chemical plants, Textile Mills, Oil Refineries, Ventilation system, Thermal power Stations, to filter water, chemicals gases and other liquid.

Construction Detail - The Cast Iron pot and Y-type Strainers are casted from good quality of cast iron, grade, CI-260 equivalent to BS-1452 standard. The wall thickness of body is so thick to secure high safety to the rated service and additional reinforcement to strain well in piping system. The top lid is openable and fitted with sufficient number of nuts and bolts with manin body. The filter element can be exchanged without disconnecting the main pipe line. A permanent magnet is provided with drain plug to attract the iron and dust particles from the water/ liquid

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